Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Trucks are Under

We have lift off. The trucks are underneath, and the roof is being taken off. 4 loads will be transported tonight, another two smaller loads (the narrow gabled roof) tomorrow night. We are hoping the weather holds.

Just ease that corner on Felicity. One hand should do it.

The lower poop.

Yes, a bit oversized.


  1. How exciting, good on you both for taking on such an ambitious project (and appreciate a blog too) xx ange

  2. guess I should have said good on ewes

  3. Ewe both have a wonderful project to entertain ewe for quite some time. Hope the chores are sheared and no one gets baled up. And, no contractors pull the wool over your eyes by ramming anything in without finese so that you feel fleeced.

  4. No doubt our friends will flock in to help. We are hoping to wether the storms without being lamblasted or raddled.