Thursday, 6 October 2016

Amazing we have moved in!! Arrived.

Well we are a wee bit camping like. We have running cold water and a toilet. Hot water next week hopefully and a shower!! We have had 2 shower trays returned to the manufacturer as they were buckled. We have a lounge set up in the study and a bedroom in the number 1 guest bedroom.

Below are photos of some the endless painting we have done...over the last 10 days...

Our central heating and hot water system.

Whare iti is completed. This is the pump and garden shed. Just needs painting.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Proper House

If proper means gib and archetraves then it's happening. Just a random medley of rooms below.

And our garden shed/pump shed is being built by our 80 year young boys. The door is one from the woolshed. Our Jesus door. It has a crucifixion drawing on it. Not dated but drawn by a shearer or shed hand.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Inching towards being closed in.

We have the boxing on the corners of the building. Spouting in the next week or so...and all the radiators have arrived! Note the wee whare garden happening in the bottom of the picture.

Pergola beams need to be shortened.

We are waiting for the top flashing to be welded for the arched window.

This is the front door made from the rimu beams. I am making a door pull from a pair of hand shears. Two coats of oil on so far.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cladding Nearly Finished

Getting there. I'm working on the original windows that will go in on the right over the portico. We are focusing on getting a finish coat or two on all the primed wood and the spouting and rainhead done. The large curved window still needs to be flashed. Recycled back door needs a colour change!

All wooden sashes are now all in. The near window 'bars' were not spaced correctly so these were removed but now have been replaced. Next you will see the flashed and boxed corners done. I'll also get some photos of the plumbing that has been done.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Our Recycled Window

We have had this arched window standing against the 3 bay for 2 years. Although slightly racked it settled and went in smoothly.

The horizontals on the pergola are on...need to be trimmed.

Sheepies looking on.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Roof and cladding

Progress is being made.

The large poles are the uprights for the pergola which is structual as the beams will support the edge of the roof in that recessed area. Note cladding and windows!!!
First of the weatherboard.
King pins and webbing in. Sarking all patched, with black painted ply behind and under insulation and new purlins.

The east side progress. The windows sadly need to come out again once head flashing is measured and then all flashing done before reinserting.
 These are our oak recycled windows.
The south side...all new double glazed. I shed a tear when the first actual glass went in. We're a bit over keeping things dry :)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

2016 update

Since the last post we have completed all the supporting walls in the east gable and had the replacement bottom ties (Beams) replaced in the west gable.


The 'poop deck' has been rebuilt. This is our back door gumboot and farmcoats room.

We love the chunky mac beams and and metal plates

Mean while Felicity and I have been painting sheets of ply to go above the roof sarking (and under the insulation) so we see black when looking up through the gaps and also to stop insulation 'dripping down' over time.

The guys are now working on the internal gutter...long story there. Architech and SWDC insisting we go with we are working hard to mitigate any problems we have heard about and might have. A RAMS exercise!